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samedi 22 novembre 2014

Morocco : Province of Tata


The origins of the residents of the province of TATA are complex and diverse. The province was inhabited by the Amazigh tribes and sedentary and nomadic Arabs.
TATA contains a very rich archaeological heritage showing a prodigious civilization which radiated for millennia. Sultan Mansur ed-Dehebi, from the sixteenth century used it as a stronghold against the expansion of the house of Tazeroualt and the threat that it posed to the central government and also as one of the bases were needed north of the Sahara for its conquest of the Sudan.

Morocco : Akka Nait Sidi

Akka is a small village located at 2.2 Km from Tissint  in the province of Tata and Guelmim-Es Smara in Southern Morocco
Two categories of people particularly appreciate this village:
- The craft lovers, especially pottery (weekly market on friday)
- The lovers of archeology: the region is indeed famous for its rock carvings, specifically the site Imaouen (30 km north of Akka), witnessed human movements that have occurred in the region there are almost 7000 years.

This region contains one of the largest camp in the southern Morocco, the Akka Nait Sidi camp

TV report about the camp Akka Nait Sidi in the Moroccan television channel under the title "AMOUDOU"


More information about Camp, visit :